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We’re your new favourite creative thinkers and social engagement drivers. We know how to think strategically and work effectively to influence your consumers to become customers. We provide a full service allowing you to grow your brand, grow your audience and grow your bank account. Launching a new product and need guidance? Need assistance running your own adverts? Struggling to hit your target audience? Creating incredible content but not reaching the masses? Our role is to work alongside your brand to help you overcome these barriers and more.

Whatever your obstacles are, we have the social media and marketing tools to conquer them. Whether we are developing a new product, devising a creative campaign or even throwing a huge promotional event, we make sure the right eyes are watching.

We work with companies in a plethora of industry sectors. Whether you’re a start up with an undeveloped idea, or a hundred man organisation with years under your belt, we are here to help you.

At 5:13 we have a number of courses available to ensure that you are getting the right support for your company.

A one week crash course, where you will learn all of 5:13’s tips and tricks that you can then implement to further your business.


– One to one business consultation

– Copy of full marketing package including templates

– Set up of social accounts

– Coaching through organic and paid adverts (Instagram, Facebook and Google)

– Connected with suitable industry professionals and vendors

A six month course, where 5:13 will work alongside you to develop your company and market your campaigns.

Entirety of course one

– Bi weekly video check ins meetings with bespoke take away actions for the following two weeks

– Access to email us 24/7

– Monthly group sessions with other business owners where you will learn new marketing tools

– One monthly advert/campaign led by 5:13

A bespoke package that suits you and your business needs.


Do you need social media management?

Do you need articles/blog posts written?

Do you need assistance with PR?


Drop us a message so that we can put together the right course for you. Get the most of 5:13’s services.

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