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Welcome to Five Thirteen creative agency!


We’re the creators and marketers of the freshest content that travels from our finger tips, straight to your consumers. We produce meaningful, creative content that gets you recognised and most importantly… results. We use a plethora of marketing techniques to turn attention into action. Our work and our achievements on all platforms are because we operate as an extension of your own team; appealing to your audience and bringing your company message to the masses. 


Launching a new product and need guidance? Need assistance running your own adverts? Struggling to hit your target audience? Our role is to work alongside your brand to help you overcome these barriers and more.

We work with companies in a plethora of industry sectors. Whether you’re a start up with an undeveloped idea, or a hundred man organisation with years under your belt, we are here to help you.




Our content creation sector uses images, videos, audio, written articles and much more to increase viewership, brand awareness and convert that into sales. Want your social accounts brought to life? Need new imagery for a PR run? Want to start a blog page for your website? We’ve got you.


What is the point in creating all that great content if no one is going to see it? Our team will ensure that we have a digital marketing strategy in place no matter what platform you use. We’re masters of creating campaigns and adjusting current content to be more accessible and palatable to your target audience.


Whether you have a product that needs developing, an advert that needs directing, or an event that needs a team to pull off a production, we are ready to make it a reality. A great creative director (aka the Five Thirteen team) will guide the creative team – often made up of photographers, designers and event managers – to brainstorm with clients to fully understand their project and oversee the deliverables from concept to completion.


If you want direct, honest and substantial results, then get in touch now to see how we can help.


Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t.



5:13 have helped me to form a quarterly business calendar. By doing so, we have developed 2 brand new products for this quarter which we will release in the upcoming weeks. They have helped me to identify ways in which I can improve my social media presence and marketing tools that I can now use on my own, so that I am reaching the correct targeted audience e.g. location, age and income.

5:13 takes a very client-centred approach. They listen to my expectations and adapt their approach accordingly to MY priorities. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for support in making their business not only bigger, but better.

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